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For the two videos below, click on play and the full screen option in the Embedded youtube video or click on the direct link to go directly to the youtube site to play the video.

Direct Entry CAS Vars

The first video describes how we directly add functions / operations in immediate mode to the HP Prime, It uses the ‘dist” function shown toward the bottom on the Algebra > Real Numers > Order of Operations page to explain the three ways to enter CAS Variables.

The first method uses the Program Editor and is not available on the Free / Lite HP Prime Calculator app. The second and third immediate command line entries will work on all models including the Free / Lite app. The third command line entry has us returning  to this page and using copy and paste to enter the function.

Embedded YouTube video file or direct link

HP Prime Programming Using CAS Variables or direct link

HP Connectivty Kit Entry CAS Vars

Adding CAS Vars to the handheld using the HP Connectivity Kit can be done by two methods:

1) We can backup the emulator and restore backup to the handheld. Rename the handheld when done since it now has emulator name.

2) A similar technique to the above first direct immediate method can be used to add individual CAS Vars to the physical calculator. Go to 1:42 in the below YouTube video if you have the CAS vars loaded. It uses the physical calculator connected to a PC or Mac running the HP Connectivity Kit. The HP Connectivity Kit copy of a shell CAS Vars program file created on the physical calculator is used for the copying and pasting. The edited CAS Vars program file is then sent back to the physical calculator.

Embedded YouTube video file or direct link

HP Prime Connectivity Kit CAS Vars on Handheld  or direct link

Video shows how we add CAS Vars to the PC or Mac Emulator. This is how we load the Emulator with CAS Vars that we want to add to our physical calculator. Then we view a window with a Onenote page and the HP Emulator that uses the ira function to find the installment for a sinking fund. The Onenote page has two HP Prime screen shots on us using the functions, ira - individual retirement account and sint - simple interest, to prepare a schedule for the sinking fund. It is shown to represent how our Finite Math videos use CAS Vars variables. What we do next is go over the two methods for gettting CAS Vars into our physical calculator.

Note: Using method 2) our CAS Vars shell variable is still in our physical calculator. Renaming shell in the HP Connectivity Kit automatically changed our shell program to its new name in our calculator's program list but did not delete the CAS Vars shell variable. To delete the CAS Vars shell variable from our calculator use purge(shell) from the command line. Purge is found using the Toolbox’s Catlg soft key. Renaming changes the program’s name in our calculator does not eliminate the CAS Vars shell variable.  We must manually delete the CAS Vars shell variable.

When using your copied, renamed HP Connectivity program file to create additional CAS Vars remember to press the Save icon following the editing of the function's name, parameter list, and code. This is necessary to remove the asterisk from the dialog window and send the revised program file's function to your physical calculator. A new CAS Vars will be created using the function name.


Shown are the Algebraic form of CAS Vars that can be copied and pasted into the HP Prime CAS view using the system copy and paste funtions . This technique can be used to add the function to the virtual, ios, windows, or Android calculator. Type in directly or use HP Prime Connectivity Connection Kit for the handheld.

Once stored, the CAS variable can be viewed or edit using the mem key and scrolling to the CAS variables entry. This is a good way to look at the parameters for the function if we forgot them. Scroll to the function and press Enter. Select the soft key to either edit or cancel. We exit the Memory Manger when we are done.

Clicking on linked function headings takes us to the web page where additional  information on the function can be found. We note that these function work on all HP Prime devices including the free / lite apps.

(Converted book only) labeled headings identify functions that were converted from Program Editor functions to immediate mode functions. They were converted so we could use the functions on all devices including the free / lite ios, Android, and windows apps. For the original Program Editor functions or immediate mode converted form there is no Prime Academy | Learning Center explanation available. (Converted book only) link is to the Academy’s page algebra tutor paragraph. The links in the paragraph are to locations where the eBook or Print On Demand book can be purchased. The eBook and Print On Demand book have information on the Program Editor’s version of the functions  Absolute Value and Distance and Rational Expressions - Algebra of Calculus.


Absolute Value and Distance (Converted book only)

(arithmetic sum one, arthsum1, requires  arithn)
(dist is an exception - click on Algebra > Real Numbers > Absolute Value and Distance link for description)

Rational Expressions - Algebra of Calculus (Converted book only)

(all functions use F1)
(secline requires slope of secline, msec)
(tanline requires slope of tanline, mtan)
(secline and tanline requires Finite Math line point slope, lineptm)


Complex Numbers
P_to_R(r,a):= (r*COS(a)+r*SIN(a)*i)

Finite Math


(line for two, points, linept1pt1, requires slopeln and lineptm)


Linear Programming - Dual Problem

Sets and Probabilities

(Sets and Probabilities only has long code for prsubL1 - use the three functions short code shown here)


Partial Derivatives
fx(x,y):= see figure 2 on web page
fy(x,y):= see figure 2 on web page





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