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Symbolic computation and Mathematics with the calculator HP Prime - Renee De Graeve - Translated from French by Jean-Michel Lecointre - The most complete and detailed description of the HP Prime Calculator. Includes menu and submenu entries with sample code using algebraic input and output. Includes some HP Prime calculator apps and programming instructions.

HP Prime: The Basics of Graphing (Function App) - Edward Shore Blog entry - Sunday May 1, 2016. A breakdown of the HP Prime Function App. Everything you need to know about the Basics of Graphing a Function.

HP Prime Geometry App Tutorials (Part 1 - Part 8) - Edward Shore Blog entries - Thursday November 5, 2015 - Monday November 9, 2015. This tutorial series focuses on the HP Prime's Geometry App. Most of the time the focus is on the Plot screen.

HP Prime Technology Corners - a zip file containing pdfs explaining statistical operations using the Hp Prime.  Technology Corners files were written for AP Statistics. The site HP Prime Calculator Portal  page has a download and description of each individual file. Select the British flag. Open the >EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS, Worksheets and templates prompt on that page to see their downloads. Scroll down to the Technology Corners listings.

HP Prime Code Snippets - Relative Help - For Xcas YouTube Videos - Discussion of Joe Luis Tabara Carbajo Xcas YouTube videos. The thread posts there are multiple HP Prime screen shots of the Xcas implementation found in his videos plus English comment of HP Prime CAS screen shots. This thread can be used to practice and extend skills found in the Prime Academy | Leaning Center and HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals.

HP Prime thread - The Museum of HP Calculators - a forum where power users and HP personnel (whose posts have the comment that the views and opinions posted here are their own) answer questions poised by the members, At any one time a large number of guests are using this forum. Most popular HP Prime forum on the web. Use Prime Academy | Learning Center thread at this forum HP Prime thread to post your reaction / contributions to the pages on this website.

The HP Calculator thread - HP Support Forums - a HP supported forum dedicated to all HP calculators where members can get help from other members and HP employees.

David Hays's "Technology in College Algebra" learning videos - 42 videos on using the HP Prime Calculator - Click on Playlist, Technology in College Algebra - HP Prime. For an individual breakdown of the video's topic see Jose Mesquita, jebem, hpmuseum thread - scroll down to group 2.9.

Light HP Prime Commands - Full HP Prime Commands - HP Prime Club English language version of  website's locally stored documents.


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