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To all prospective TI-Nspire™ and HP Prime Calculator or App owners

Through out the eBook definitions, theorems, and rules are displayed consistently.

Definitions are displayed using a burgundy gradient, theorems and properties use a blue gradient, and rules use a green gradient.

The screen on the right is taken from the Kindle app on a mac. It show the definition of subtraction, the traditional rule of doing subtraction of negatives by changing to addition of the opposite and the inverse and identity properties for addition. A TI-Nspire computer software screen is shown.

 The HP Prime computer software would look the same. .





larry_schroederWith a powerful tool such as the TI-Nspire or HP Prime, you need to know when to use that tool and when not to use it. This Guide shows when AND explains why.

We are pleased to announce our new free Prime Academy | Learning Center for HP Prime calculator and family of HP Prime Android, Apple, and Windows apps. Except for the Geometry tab everything at the Prime Academy | Learning Center site can be done with  the HP Prime free/lite version of the  Android, Apple, and Windows app. Now through your browser on your phone, tablet, computer, or media player you can get the help to get you started and explore the Prime’s power.

The TI-Nspire, HP Guide, and Learning Center are an accumulation of my 27 years of teaching at a community college and my passion to help everyone achieve a higher level of mathematics than they thought was possible.

Through the Guide, TI-Nspire™ Guide Algebra Fundamentals, learn how to use your TI-Nspire calculator or iPad app to help you learn Algebra. This Guide covers your device, whether you have the handheld calculator or touch interface iPad app, the TI-Nspire or TI-Nspire CAS model of handheld or iPad app, the new model CX handheld or the older touchpad and clickpad models.

Through the Guide HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals learn how to use your HP Prime calculator or Apple, Android, Windows app to help you learn Algebra. The Guide covers your device, whether you have the handheld calculator or iPhone, Android phone, iPad, windows tablet, or Android tablet HP Prime Free or HP Prime Pro version of the app. All devices including the handheld calculator are touch devices. The HP Prime Guide is available as a digitial eBook or print copy.

Both Guides starts with basic Algebra rules and progresses to how Algebra rules are used in Calculus. You can readily use this Guide if you are in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Introductory Algebra, Algebra II, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Precalculus or any higher course where Algebra is a prerequisite.

The calculator's screens are used in the introduction of a new topic. The screen allows you to input multiple entries, calculate their results, or perform graphs using traditional math form.

Through its examples and its accompanying exercise, each guide provides a Rosetta Stone effect with the language of math. The TI-Nspire eBook Guide and HP Prime eBook Guide examples are followed by a quick-check interactive exercise that show both the TI-Nspire/ HP Prime solution and the traditional step-by-step solution. The solutions to these exercises are in the back of the eBook and print copy.

A powerful feature that you will want to learn is the creation of global libraries. Each Guide illustrates the steps needed for creating a global library and using its commands. In addition the HP Prime Guide illustrates the steps for creating an HP Prime  Application Library app.

Global libraries allow you to define a single or multiple one-line functions in a TI-Nspire file or HP program library. Global one-line functions can be any formula found in a book, new tool commands, or a set of functions that help with the understanding of complex math concepts. There are examples of all of these in each Guide.

Use the TI-Nspire and HP Guide and the TI-Nspire/ HP Prime CAS technology to check your solutions and submit assignments that are error free. When you happen to have difficulties with a step, you can use your TI-Nspire/ HP Prime CAS device to help you work that step until you master it. You can also use the TI-Nspire/ HP Prime CAS solutions to increase your efficiency and problem solving ability, as it allows you to concentrate on the problem without getting bogged down with traditional labor-intense steps.

I have personally helped hundreds of people finally solve their math problem, and with the TI-Nspire and HP Guide and the TI-Nspire, HP Prime calculator or app, and new Prime Academy | Learning Cente; so can you.

Larry Schroeder



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