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TI-Nspire™ Guide Algebra Fundamentals
eBook edition - ISBN: 978-0-915573-00-4

TI-Nspire™ Guide Algebra Fundamentals
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 TI-Nspire Guide Algebra Fundamentals 1.1, TI-Nspire Global Functions, TI-Nspire Guide Algebra Fundamentals 1.2, TI-Nspire Guide Algebra Fundamentals 1.3, Scientific Notation Physics Supplement, TI-Nspire Guide Algebra Fundamentals 1.4, TI-Nspire Guide Algebra Fundamentals 1.5, TI-Nspire Guide Algebra Fundamentals 1.6, TI-Nspire Guide Algebra Fundamentals 1.7, Programming - Algebra of Calculus

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Chapter 1 Global Functions Separate


Global Functions


Chapter 2


Chapter 3 Including Scientific Notation Physics


Scientific Notation Physics


Chapter 4


Chapter  5


Chapter 6


Chapter 7 Including Programming - Algebra of Calculus


Programming - Algebra of Calculus


tns files

Chapter 1 - eBook and YouTube
Chapter 1 & 3 - eBook and YouTube
Chapter 3 - YouTube
Chapter 7 - eBook and YouTube
Chapter 7 extra p1 - eBook and YouTube
Chapter 7 extra p2 - eBook and YouTube

Place in TI-Nspire MyLib directory and refresh the Libraries.

 - The Chapter 7 extra p1 and p2 are only talked about - not used

Programming Videos
 - Global Function needs Chapter 1 & 3
 - Scientific Notation Physics needs Chapter 1 & 3 plus Chapter 3
 - Programming -  Algebra of Calculus needs Chapter 7.

Free TI-Nspire Education Library

One quick download for all TI-Nspire™ Guide Algebra Fundamental plus Brooks/Cole Math Tool Guide Addendum Documents and MyLib tns files. Bonus Linear Equations Slope, Point-Slope, Two-Point, Intercepts; Finance Loan, IRA, Compound Interest; Gauss Jordan Simultaneous Equations, Inverse Matrix, Simplex Tableau pivot routine; Triangle Law of Sines and Cosines; Libraries and Examples.

Click on above link, unzip the file, create directory structure on TI-Nspire CAS device that parallels unzipped file, copy all ‘tns’ files to their respective TI-Nspire CAS directory and refresh the Libraries.

TI-Nspire™Guide Algebra Fundamental - Complete

Check Back. TI-Nspire CAS BCAddendum. Now includes: Fundamentals of Algebra, Functions and Their Graphs. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Math of Finance. Matrices, Gauss Jordan, Matrix Inversion, Matrix Operations. Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities, Linear Programming Problems, Graphical Solutions of Linear Programming Problems, Simplex Method: Standard Maximization  and Standard Minimization Methods. Sets, Set Operations, Permutations, Combinations, Sample Spaces, Events, Definition of Probability, and Rules of Probability. Use of Counting Techniques in Probability, Conditional Probability and Independent Events, Bayes’ Theorem, Expected Value, Variance and Standard Deviation added with this revision. More coming soon!

Previous Release - Revision 8: 3/29/16

Current file - Revision 9: 4/27/16

We authored the 15 chapter Brooks/Cole Math Tool Guide that is published by Cengage. It is located on Cengage/ Thompson Interactive Video SkillBuilder CD that accompanied many of their College Algebra, Precalculus, Trigonometry, and Tan series of math texts for managerial, life and social sciences. The TI-Nspire addendum files can be used by themselves or with the CD.

HP Prime - HP Guide Overview

HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals
eBook edition - ISBN: 978-0-915573-09-7
Print edition - ISBN: 978-0-915573-02-8

Real Numbers, Operations and Properties of Real Numbers, Integer Exponents, Radicals and Rational Exponents, Algebraic Expressions, Factoring, Rational Expressions, Algebra of Calculus

HOME view and CAS view, Primary and Secondary Keys, System Level commands, Application Libraries, Define Functions

Basic Operations,CAS (Computer Algebra System), Toolbox Functions, HOME-CAS view differences, Units and Constants

Numerical Programming, CAS Programing, Input Statements, Define function, CAS  variables, Application Libraries Programming, Defining User Keys

HP Prime Free - Lite

The HP Prime Free - Lite mimics the functionality of the HP Prime Calculator. It has the full Computer Algebra Systems, CAS plus all HOME view functionality.

Perfect companion for middle, high school and college math courses.

HP Prime Free - Lite has nine of the  Application Library apps: five graphing apps, three statistics apps, and the solve app.

It can be programed using the Define function and CAS variables.

Prime Academy Free

We are pleased to announce the creation of the FREE Prime Academy | Learning Center. Its early, but the site progress allows you to take advantage now!

Prime Academy is about capitalizing on mobile communication devices and learning with the power of HP Prime graphing calculator and family of HP graphing calculator apps.

Your one-stop resource for getting started with the HP Prime. No prior knowledge is needed.

Check it out, learn the prime, practice with our Algebra tab, see the Geometry tab grow, learn how the Prime can be the calculator for all your Future Math needs.



HP Prime Pro screen from Algebra of Calculus - Photo Shop enhanced. Functions “incdec” and “concaveupdown” from our program libraries.  “GraphPlus” Application from Application Libaries.

NEW! Prime Academy | Learning Center

With the new Prime Academy | Learning Center we hope to give all students confidence in their ability to do math.

HP Prime - See the HP Guide Overview below. Use the Guide with the HP Prime Free - Lite app, or full featured HP Prime Pro app, HP Prime Calculator, or Virtual software.

Click this quick download link for all of our HP Prime programs and application libraries. Use with the HP Prime Calculator, HP Prime Pro app, and Virtual software.

The  HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals was designed for the HP Prime Calculator, Virtual pc or mac, HP Prime Free and HP Prime Pro Apple, Android and Windows apps.


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