Shown below is the Amazon Kindle generated HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals Table of Content:
(More material coming -  Explanation 1.1, Expanation 1.2, Explanation 1.3, and Explanation 1.4 are active).

Click on Chapter or its Roll Over link: Explanation 1.1 Real Numbers - Explanation 1.2 Operations and Properties of Real Numbers - Explanation 1.3 Integer Exponents. - Explanation 1.4 Radicals and Rational Exponents

Remark: We will include in the Algebra tab's sections all the parts in the HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals that illustrate a vital function of the calculator or help students with a difficult algebra concept. The highlighted chapter - Explanation 1.7 - Rational Expressions - shows the chapter that the HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals eBook was viewing when the screen shot was taken.

Click on a Chapter name or using the Roll Over link will take you to the Chapter's Table of Contents. You can also use drop down menu to get you there or directly to any Chapter's Section.

(HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals)


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