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Shown below is a partial Table of Content from Brooks/Cole Math Tools Guide by Cengage. Click on the gray Chapter 2 - Functions and Their Graphs link, Chapter 4 - Mathematics of Finance link, Chapter 5 Systems of Linear equations and Matrices link, Chapter 6 Linear Programming link, Chapter 7 Sets and Probability or Chapter 8 Additional Topics in Probability link to view a partial sample of the equations of lines, math of finance formulas, linear programming simplex method, and sets and or probability all with HP Prime additions. We will not be showing the full Chapter 2, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, or Chapter 8 listing but a sample of one page from each chapter. The sample page will have links to HP Prime OneNote YouTube videos discussing topics relevant to the chapter title.

(Interactive Video Skillbuilder CD-ROM)

The complete 15 chapters, 79 section Brooks/Cole Math Tools Guide is found on the Interactive Skill Builder CD that accompanies various Intermediate, college algebra, college algebra and trigonometry, trigonometry, and precalcuus editions published by Cengage / Thomson. As illustrated in the equations of lines, math of finance formulas, and linear programming simplex method tutorials the HP Prime Calculator’s CAS could be used for the tutorials found in the Brooks/Cole Math Tools Guide.


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