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What’s happening?

“Text Tutoring is about embracing technology to make learning easier. Let’s face it – the whole world is going mobile. Rather than restricting our students from using their mobile phones, why not let them use them to learn something?” - Text Tutoring

We could not of have said it better!

Prime Academy is about capitalizing on mobile communication devices and learning with the power of HP Prime graphing calculator and family of HP graphing calculator apps.

Be sure to click the following: The Info tab's About subtopic's Site link. The link has an overview of the site and each tab in the site. For now note that the site instructions are there. Use the browser back arrow or back function to return.

Note that if the navigation bar tab has drop down or drop down fly out menus, Android users and Window Internet Explorer users need to double click the navigation bar tab to view the the tab's content. All other users only need to single click.

Need to get an algebra graphing calculator?

hp_ipad_smGet started "now" for FREE! Turn your Apple or Android phone or Apple, Android, or Window’s tablet into one of the most powerful handheld calculator available today. Visit the Apple or Android store for your copy of the "HP Prime Lite". Window’s store for your copy of the "HP Prime Free". Install the Lite / Free and be ready to "discover" its power. For 99% of our calculations the Lite / Free algebra graphing calculator is all we need.

Want the algebra graphing calculator with Geometry, Graph 3D, Spreadsheet, Finance, and additional Solver and Exploxer apps; programming editor; and connectivity. The handheld calculator, fairly inexpensive $25 Apple, $20 Android, or $20 Window’s HP Prime Pro mobile app, and / or free pc and mac virtual software are for you. Yes, currently the full-featured pc and mac virtual software is free.

Got your HP Calculator or HP Prime calculator app, Turn to first page of the HP Prime tab's Getting Started and start learning how to make your new HP Prime calculator or HP Prime calculator work for you.

Adding a Virtual Algebra Tutor

Need an Algebra tutor? When you finish with exploring your new calculator's features, settings, and examples, visit Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBook, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Rakuten’s Kobo online store or your favorite bookstore to get your digital eBook or print copy of HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals,

The HP Prime tab and Algebra tab are the heart of the Prime Academy | Learning Center. In the HP Prime Tab you will learn how to get started. No prior knowledge is needed. The Algebra Tab contains instructions for using along with the essential  Algebra content from our eBook, HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals.

With screen shots of complete sections of the book and detailed user information, the Algebra tab contents will allow you to become comfortable with your HP Prime calculator or HP Prime calculator app while learning or reviewing your Algebra. The fundamentals of using your new calculator or calculator app for Algebra is covered here. Though, for portability and reference on your phone or tablet and full coverage of using your new calculator or calculator app get the eBook. For traditional advantage of a book, get the printed copy..

The HP Prime Mobile Lite / Free / Pro App and HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals turns your phone and tablet into a virtual tutor. For instructions on using HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals, select the Algebra tab or text link, choose the chapter and section you wish instructions on. Here, along with full screen shots from HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals, you will find detailed instructions that assist you with the topic being presented. Repeat with the each section you wish to see instructions for.

Let the HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals explanation and detailed instructions given in the Algebra tab give you confidence in using your new HP Prime calculator or HP Prime app, while improving your ability to do math and algebra. Learn how to use the extended and advanced features found in the handheld calculator, Apple, Android, Window’s HP Prime Pro mobile apps and pc and mac virtual software versions. Let the Guide’s explanations help you master the HP Prime features that you need while reviewing or mastering your Algebra Fundamentals.

One Calculator for all your Future Math Needs

Use your HP Prime calculator or HP calculator app with the other subjects navigation tabs or text links to explore and gain additional HP Prime proficiency. The site was designed for students who need help with Algebra and Geometry or want to review  Algebra and Geometry. A benefit of the site is that students or users of the site can use the site to learn the HP Prime calculator or one of the family of HP Prime calculator apps.

To show students the potential the HP Prime has for their future math needs,we added the Trigonometry, Finite Math, and Calculus tabs. The tabs have example screens shots from my Cengage Brooks/Cole Math Tools Guide's TI calculator supplement. Additional instructions and HP Prime screen shots were added to show how the HP Prime would be used. The complete 15 chapters, 79 section Brooks/Cole Math Tools Guide is found on the Interactive Skill Builder CD that accompanies various Intermediate, college algebra, college algebra and trigonometry, trigonometry, and precalcuus editions published by Cengage / Thomson. The Brooks/Cole Math Tools Guide covers TI calculators, but as shown in our Trigonometry, Finite Math, and Calculus tabs, the HP Prime calculator or HP calculator app could very likely be used for most if not all of the examples found in the Brooks/Cole Math Tools Guide.

See the Links page under the Info tab for external links to additional HP Prime information and examples. The first link, a translation from French to English by Jean-Michel Lecointre of Renee De Graeve 512 page pdf gives a complete description of every feature plus detailed examples of every menu and sub menu command, When you want to explore more of the HP Prime's possibilities, I recommend that you skim over it.


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